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How to get from Fushimi-Inari to Arashiyama?

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Arashiyama is about 12 km away from Fushimi-Inari, located west of Kyoto. Changing transport is required, but you can travel easily by trains.


What’s the best way to go to Arashiyama from Fushimi-Inari?

Good news, there are train stations nearby at both Fushimi-Inari and Arashiyama, so you can just catch trains. What’s even better, they are JR trains so you can use your Japan rail pass!

Use trains to get to Arashiyama.

The big gate and the fox statue in front of Inari station.

Firstly, let’s go to Inari station, which is just in front of the big gate of Fushimi-Inari. Catch a train to Kyoto station by Nara line, which takes about 6 mins. Now, you need to change the train to Saga-Arashiyama station by Sagano line. It takes about 16 mins or 12 mins by rapid train.

Fee 240 yen
How much time 40 mins or so including waiting time.
Name of the stops Inari station to Kyoto station, and then to Saga-Arashiyama station.


Where is Saga-Arashiyama Station?

Saga-Arashiyama station is about 10 mins away from Temryuji temple, 15 mins away from bamboo grove, and 10 mins away from Togestu Bridge.

Use taxi to Arashiyama

Because there are reasonable number of train running, taxi doesn’t always take you faster to the destination. It is lots more pricey than train as well so I recommend to travel by trains.

Fee About 4500 yen
How much time About 40 mins


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