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Lockers/Luggage storage Around Kiyomizu-dera Temple.


You wouldn’t want to carry lots of baggage when you are sightseeing, especially when you are visiting Kiyomizu-dera temple. The temple is located on top of the hill, so you need to walk some way to get there. There are lots of tourists in not wide enough street, the buses running around the temple is packed with people for most of the time, and the temple itself is always busy.


Are there Lockers or Luggage storage Around Kiyomizu-dera Temple?

These are some coin lockers at the nearby stations, or some shops store your baggage for the day. Kimono rental shop WARGO keeps your bags 500 yen per item. Kyoto-Gion store and Gion-Shijo store open 9 am to 7 pm, and Kiyomizuzaka store open 9 am to 6 pm.

You can also find a reasonable amount of coin lockers at Gion-Shijo station and Kiyomizu-Gojo station. They are 300 yen to 700 yen depending on the size of the lockers.

The Best place to store your belongings.

If you are planning where to store your baggage before the actual day you are visiting the temple, the best option is to leave it at your accommodation or big stations like Kyoto station, Karasuma station or Shijo station. These stations have lots of lockers in different sizes.

Most of the accommodation will keep your baggage when you are early for chicking in, or after checking out for no extra charge.


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