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How to get to Kinkaku-ji temple from Kiyomizu-dera temple.

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Kinkaku-ji temple is about 10 km away, located north-east of Kiyomizu-dera temple. You can get there by buses, trains and bus or taxi. In this page, you can find out which option suits you the best.



What’s the best way to get to Kinkaku-ji from Kiyomizu-dera?

Kinkaku-ji temple and Kiyomizu-dera temple don’t have train station nearby. So the buses is the simpler way to travel between the destinations.

The good thing about mixing with the train is that there is no traffic delay so could get to Kinkaku-ji lots faster especially the busy time like cherry blossom season and Autumn leave season.

Use buses to go to Kinkaku-ji temple.

There are several way to go to Kinkaku-ji temple from Kiyomizu-dera temple by bus and I picked one of the route which I think is the best. This is easy changing buses and there are lots of bus traffic at Kumano-Jinja-Mae, the transit bus stop.

Firstly, you need to walk to Kiyomizu-michi bus stop from Kiyomizu-dera. This takes about 10 mins walk. Catch a 206 bus (for Kitaohji bus terminal) and get off at Kumano-Jinja mae stop which takes about 15 mins. Change the bus here to 204 (for Kitaohji bus terminal, again) to Kinkaku-ji Michi stop which takes about 30 mins. You can walk to the temple for about 5 mins.

Fee 460 yen (230 yen a bus ride)
How much time Total 45 mins or so bus ride, plus walking time and waiting time.
Name of the stops Kiyomizu-michi stop to Kumano-Jinja mae stop, and then to Kinkaku-ji Michi stop.


How to get to the bus stop from Kiyomizu-dera?

How to get to Kinkaku-ji temple from bus stop?

Use trains an bus to go to Kinkaku-ji temple.

Travelling by trains and a bus, you need to change transport 4 times but it could be faster than just using buses if your transit goes smoothly.

You can start with going to Kiyomizu-Gojo station from Kiyomizu-dera temple. It takes about 25 mins on foot. From there, travel to Sanjo station by Keihan-Main line which takes about 4 mins. And then change the train to Karasuma Oike Station by Tozai line which takes about 3 mins. Change the train again to Kitaoji Station by Karasuma line. It takes about 7 mins.

Finally, you can catch a bus, Kyoto City Bus 205, 204 or 101 to Kinkaku-ji Michi stop, about 10 mins bus ride and the temple is just 5 mins away from the bus stop.

Fee 410 yen for trains and 230 yen for a bus
How much time About 20 mins train ride and 10 mins bus ride. Plus walking and waiting time.
Name of the stops Kiyomizu-Gojo station to Sanjo station, Karasuma Oike Station, and then Kitaoji Station. Bus to Kinkaku-ji Michi stop.

How to get to Kiyomizu-Gojo station?

Use taxi to go to Kinkaku-ji.

Changing public transport look too much of hassle? If there are 3 or 4 of you, taxi might be a consideration.

There is a taxi stop at Kiyomizu-dera temple so you can just catch one. You might need to wait a bit when busy season.

Fee 3400 yen
How much time About 30 mins.


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