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Seeing Mt Fuji view from Shinkansen. When and where to look from Tokyo or Kyoto.

2019/04/08   -Bullet Train, World Heritage

If you are travelling between Tokyo to Kyoto/Osaka by Shinkansen, you have a chance to see it from your seat. When is it happening, and which side of the seats you need to book?

Shinkansen lost and found. What to do if you left your property?

2019/04/07   -Bullet Train

It is so sad to lose your belonging when you are on holiday. But if you lost it on a Shinkansen, you might be able to find it.

What happens if you missed a reserved shinkansen. Can you change the ticket time or date?

2019/04/06   -Bullet Train

In this page, I am sharing what happened when I missed my reserved Shinkansen.

Shinkansen luggage space. What is the limit and storage area?

2019/04/05   -Bullet Train

Most local trains don’t have suitcase storage, but what about Shinkansen, when you are travelling with large suitcases or sports gear? Some people said you can bring as much as you can carry, is it true?

Japan rail pass green or economy? What is the difference.

2019/04/04   -Bullet Train

There are two options, economy and green, when you purchase the Japan rail pass, and green pass cost about 25 percents more. What is the difference and does it worth getting a green one?