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Seeing Mt Fuji view from Shinkansen. When and where to look from Tokyo or Kyoto.

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You might not have time to visit Japan’s famous Mount Fuji, but if you are travelling between Tokyo to Kyoto/Osaka by Shinkansen, you have a chance to see it from your seat.

So when is it happening, and from which side of the seats do you need to book your seat for best viewing?



How to see Mt Fuji from the Shinkansen.

You can see Mt Fuji for about 4 minutes, for both from Tokyo to Kyoto/Osaka or Kyoto/Osaka to Tokyo. But the Shinkansen passes on the left side on the tracks, so Kyoto/Osaka to Tokyo is better as there can not be a Shinkansen passing on the other side.

Which seats you can see Mt Fuji?

Shinkansen is always facing the same way, The first carriage is Kyoto/Osaka side, and the 16th is Tokyo side. That means Mt Fuji side of the window seat is always E. (If it’s a green carriage, the seat is always D, as there are only 4 seats in the row.)

They give passengers window seats first, so try to book early to avoid the disappointment.

When can you see Mt Fuji?

This is where you can view Mt Fuji. Let’s see how long to get to that point from the station nearby.


Travelling from Kyoto/Osaka

If you are travelling with Nozomi or Hikari, it takes about 1 hour 45 mins from the Shin-Osaka station, 1 hour 30 mins from the Kyoto station, and 50 mins from the Nagoya station.

If you are travelling with Kodama, the Shinkansen stops at the Shizuoka station, and it takes about 5 mins from the station.

Travelling from Tokyo to Nagoya/Kyoto/Osaka

You will reach the viewing point in about 45 mins from Tokyo station or 38 mins from Shinagawa station.

The closest station is Mishima, and you can see Mt Fuji 3 mins after passing this station. Nozomi, Mizuho and some of Hikari don’t stop at Mishima station, but Kodama does.

Can you always see Mt Fuji?

Most importantly, the view improves with sunny weather. Because Shinkansen is moving fast, it is so easy to miss when it’s rainy or even cloudy.

The best season for viewing Mt Fuji is winter to spring when the mountain has lovely snow, and the air is dry and clean.

I couldn’t see Mount Fuji for the last 4 trips between Tokyo and Kyoto on Shinkansen. It is a spectacular mountain, and hope you have a chance to see it when you are travelling!


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