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What happens if you missed a reserved shinkansen. Can you change the ticket time or date?

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We travelled from Kyoto to Mishima by Shinkansen. The seats were reserved at 2.05 pm, which I thought it was 2.35 pm by mistake. I realised the mistake after we went through the ticket gate. When the Shinkansen had just left the station.

In this page, I am sharing what happened when I missed my reserved Shinkansen.


What to do when you missed reserved shinkansen.

If you haven’t gone through the ticket gate, you can just go to the ticket office. If you have gone through the gate like me, try to talk to the JR stuff before getting out the gate. He stamped on my ticket to show that I haven’t travelled with that ticket.

If you talk to a person at the ticket office, they will find you the next shinkansen available for travel. In my case, there was a Shinkansen in an hour time.

Is there a fee to change time or date?

Even when you missed your shinkansen due to your own mistake, you don’t need to pay to change for your new ticket. This applies to both people who hold a Japan rail pass and those without the pass.

You can also change your ticket before you travel for free. You just need to show your ticket at the ticket office and discuss when and what time you would like to travel.


If you hold a Japan rail pass.

Japan rail pass is to travel unlimited trips during the time you chose, 7, 14 or 21 days. You can book as many train tickets as you would like during that time, but you can not replace your ticket for the date after the pass expired.

If you miss your shinkansen on the last date of your pass, and if there are no other shinkansen available on that day, you may need to purchase following day’s ticket.


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