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Where to best see Mount Fuji from Tokyo Bay area.

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Even though there is about 100 km between Tokyo to Mount Fuji, when it’s a clear sunny day, you can still see it beautifully. So if you are at Tokyo Bay, where is the best place to view it?



Can I see Mount Fuji from Tokyo Bay?

First of all, you need to be pretty lucky to see Mount Fuji from top to bottom even though the city is close by. The best season is winter when the air is clear and you can see a long way.

When the day is perfect to view Mt Fuji, you will be surprised it looks so close to Tokyo and how immense it is.

Wakasu Seaside Park.

This park next to Tokyo gate bridge in Koto city is considered as the best place to see Mount Fuji in Tokyo.

You can see Mount Fuji in between the bridge and the water, and it is especially beautiful near sunset. If you are lucky, you can see Diamond Fuji which means the sun sits on the top of Mount Fuji and Mount Fuji shines like a diamond. You can also see it with the sunrise on the west side of Mount Fuji, and sunset on the east side.

The South end of the park is the best place to view Mount Fuji. It could be cold with the wind in winter so don’t forget to wear enough clothes.


Haneda Airport International Terminal.

If you get out to the observation deck at the 5th floor, you can see Mount Fuji along with Tama river and Tokyo monorail, opposite to the aeroplane leaving and landing area.

The deck opens for 24 hours, so if you are there early morning Mount Fuji in sunrise is especially outstanding.

World trade center building Tokyo.

This 40 story skyscraper in Minato city has an observation deck at 152m height. You can see Mount Fuji and Tokyo tower together, and it is also a popular spot to see diamond Fuji as well.

Best to go at sunset time, so you might see diamond Fuji, enjoy Tokyo tower lit up and the night view of Tokyo.

You need to pay to go in, 620 yen per adult.

LaLaport Toyosu.

You can see Mount Fuji from this shipping centre building in Koto city. Go up to 5th floor or rooftop parking to get the good view.

Mount Fuji is between the buildings, and you can take a shot with their famous lit up crane.

You can see Mount Fuji from many places.

There are more places you can see Mount Fuji. If the weather is nice when you are in Tokyo, finding your favourite place to see it could be a fun thing to do.

How often you can see Mt Fuji clearly?

My home town is the city called Numazu, Shizuoka. The prefecture Mount Fuji is. When I go back home and stay for about 2 weeks, we may have one or two days we can see Mount Fuji without any clouds. The mountain is often hiding behind the clouds, so we can only see part of it or cannot see at all.

It is a special and beautiful mountain, and I hope you can have a chance to see it sometime in your stay!


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