Kyoto and Nara

Western-style breakfast near Karasuma Oike station.


Breakfast is important for my husband and me. We can’t function without cooked nutritious food, and we love spending some relaxing time at breakfast whenever we are.

I like Japanese style breakfast as well as western style bacon and eggs, but my husband needs his softly cooked eggs for his breakfast. I sometimes could be hard to find one in Japan, but we had a lovely cafe to go when we were staying in Karasuma.


Where to go for western style breakfast near Karasuma Oike station?

On our travel to Kyoto in 2019, we stayed for 4 nights out of 6 nights at the Hotel Vista Premio Kyoto Nagomitei, which is located between Karasuma Oike station and Shijo station.

There are a lot of restaurants in the area, and we never had trouble finding a place to go for a good dinner, but fewer places for breakfast.

Fortunately, we loved this cafe about 5 mins walk from our hotel, and we went there every day when we were in Karasuma.

Maeda Coffee around Karasuma.

We had our breakfast at Maeda Coffee Muromachi main shop, and there are 4 of them in Karasuma.

I tried several menus in 4 days, and my favourite was the croissant sandwiches with boiled egg with mayonnaise and bacon. I like Japanese boiled egg sandwiches with mayonnaise, and it was even better with butterly croissants.

My husband loved their scrambled egg and stuck with it for 4 days. It was omelette looking scrambled egg cooked with lots of butter.

We enjoyed their food at an inexpensive price, around 2000 yen for two of us. But we weren’t a big fan of their coffee. I liked a cold tea called AIMI, which I think they use some condensed milk to make it sweet and creamy.


-Kyoto and Nara

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