Street food in Miyajima on Omotesando shopping street.

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It is always fun to eat a little bit of everything. Miyajima’s main street, Omotesando is the best place to do that.

You can try Miyajima’s famous oyster, anago eel (sea eel) and steamed sweet bun.



Miyajima Omotesando shopping street.

This 350 m arcade has about 70 shops, a mixture of the historic traditional shops to trendy newly opened ones. You can find all Miyajima speciality food here so it is the best place to enjoy and eat as much as you can.

The shops start opening at 8 am, by 10 am all the shops will be open. And they start closing around 4 pm, some shops stay open until 6 pm.

Popular shops could close earlier when their stock finishes for the day and some shops won’t open when raining.

Must try Miyajima’s street foods.

Momiji-do’s deep fried sweet bun

Momiji-Manju, Japanese maple shaped steamed bun filled with sweet red bean paste, is a Miyajima’s local food which is well known all over the country since 1906.

At the shop, they deep fry the bun when ordered, so you can try a hot, crunchy treat straight from the pan.

Marukin-Honpo’s Anago eel bun.

This Miyajima’s prestigious ryokan owned steamed bun shop offers skilled ryokan chef’s flavour at reasonable prices, 450 yen.

You might not want to try a whole bowl of Anago eel with rice, though it is the best way to taste Miyajima’s specialty Anago eel.
They also have beef bun if you are not up to Anago eel.


Miyajima brewery.

You can taste their local brewed beer which they make from Mt Misen’s natural spring water.

Try fresh oyster at Okino Suisan.

There are a few shops you can eat an oyster, but if you want to taste Miyajima’s Pacific oysters, why don’t you try them from the oyster farmer. This street food shop is owned by the local oyster farmer.

You can order their grilled oyster from one shell.

Deep fried fish paste loaf at Miyuki.

A kamaboko, fish paste loaf, is popular all over Japan, but in this shop, you can try them deep fried and mixed with something else. The most popular one is mixed with octopus and shallot.



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