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How long does it take at Fushimi Inari? When to go, day or night?




How long does it take at Fushimi Inari?

Fushimi Inari shrine is a huge place. Required time could be very different for how much you want to see and how much time you can spend.

When we went to Kyoto in March 2019, we squeezed quite a lot of thing to do in the day, and all we did at Fushimi Inari was a quick look around in about an hour.

If you just want to see the main shrine and some of the gates.

You can experience what you are expecting for Fushimi Inari for about 1 hour, just like what we did.

We walked through the main shrine and gates. We didn’t rush, but didn’t stop for the shop to draw a fortune, purchase an amulet or though a coin into the box to pray.

You can see what the shrine looks like and walk through the famous red gate after the red gate.

There might be a wait for Omokaru stone.

You might have heard about Omokaru (heavy and light) stone at Fushimi Inari. How it works is that you make a wish in your head in front of the stone, and then lift it up to see if it feels heavier or lighter than what you imagined. If it was lighter your wish will come true, but if it was heavier it is not the right time.

The stone became very popular, and there might be a line to see it. It is a fun thing to try if you don’t mind a little wait.

If you want to hike to the top of the mountain.

It is a good idea not visiting every place in Kyoto, but spend a good few hours at each place you go and check details. Fushimi Inari is one of the most popular shrines in Kyoto and it is always busy with tourist. But not many of them go to the top so you can relax and enjoy the experience walking all the way to the top. There are red gates everywhere when you are walking.

It’s about 4 km walk round trip and it takes 2 to 3 hours to walk and back. If you walk hard you can do the whole thing within 2 hours, or it takes about 3 hours for sightseeing, rest at the cafe on the way or enjoy the view from the top of the mountain.


When to go to Fushimi Inari?

You will look around easier and quicker if there are not too many tourist. Although Fushimi Inari is crazy busy for most of the time, there are some quieter time to visit. It is early morning and later in the day, of course. So how early or late you need to plan to visit the shrine?

Fushimi Inari opening hours.

First of all, The shrine opens for 24 hours for visitors. You can always go to the shrine to worship, or look around.

However, the shops and the Shinto priest only work during the day. If you would like to draw a fortune, purchase an amulet from the shop, it opens between 7 am to 6 pm. To be prayed by the priest, you need to apply between 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

What Fushimi Inari in early morning like?

Fushimi Inari is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan. As you can imagine, it is always busy with tourist.

If you wish to avoid the crowds and take good photos without people in your way, try to visit before 8 am. If you visit the shrine around 6 am, there are not many people there. You will feel sacred and special in the quiet morning at the shrine.

You can see everything and be able to walk all the way to the top of the mountain anytime, but the shops are not open until 7 or 8 am and some of the toilets are closed as well.

Can you see much of Fushimi Inari at night?

You can also visit Fushimi Inari after dark. The same as early morning, shops and bathroom facilities are closed but you can look around without too many tourists around you.

There are lights everywhere so you don’t need to bring a torch, but bring water if you are planning to climb the mountain as there are no shops open.


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